Netatmo indoor climate monitor

Netatmo is a indoor climate monitor it involves four sensors it monitors the humidity,air quality,noise and temperature. The app provides the details of humidity,air quality,noise and temperature. It monitors all your rooms in one App.Log on app and access home’s indoor climate from anywhere.

Netatmo Healthy Home Coach connects to internet via Wi-Fi and all details are remotely access through the user’s account, which requires no subscription or fees. This device works with Apple HomeKit as well user can ask Siri how healthy their home is.

The Healthy Home Coach can also tip users and tell them when to adjust the ventilation of a room to balance out air quality and warn them when their home’s temperature isn’t at the right level. It gives notifications when it reach at above pre-set parameters.


Withings Thermometer Track Fever on mobile

Withings Thermometer read temperature directly on connected device. It includes 16 infra red sensors to take 4,000 measurements and make an accurate temperature. The device connects to Wi-Fi network or phone via Bluetooth so that you can track your body temperature over time.

To track temperature simply positions the device on your body, press a button, wait two seconds and get it. Body temperature reads out in a dotted LED display. A small light on the front will blink green if your temp normal. If you have a fever, a red light flashes notifying that your health is danger.

It provides an app for keep details it will keep temp details it also support multiple profiles. Withings Thermometer uses two AAA size batteries it lasts up to 2 years.

Withings Thermometer

Cubesensors monitoring environmental changes and makes better life

Every person always hope to live in a good environment, but it is very difficultif you want to live in a good environment you must monitor the environmental changes.Cubesensors is small device that monitor the environmental changes, it always monitoring position of Air, Temperature, Humidity and Light. Sensors analyse all the important aspects of indoor. All details are updated once a minute for real-time tracking.

The main features of these Cubesensors keep family safe. It will inform small changes in environment also affect wellbeing. Real-time alerts will always let you know when there’s too much pollution or dust in the air, so you can open the windows at the right time.