Access your mobile phone in web browser via LookMobileOn

Recently Mobiles phones play important role in life, sometimes you may forget your mobile phone at your office or home then you must lost your important calls. LookMobileOn is a free Android tool that will allows you to access call register, text messages and contact list from your mobile via web browser. It is very simple and easy to use anybody. You can set your phone via three simple steps.

For using this service you must register your phone in LookMobileOn and download application into your phone. For registration you can login via your exsisting facebook account. It support Android 2.2 and higher are supported, you can access call register, text messages, and contact list in web browser.

Shorttext share your text with others

Shorttext is a free web service that will help you to share text messages to others. It is very simple and easy to use no sign up is required for using shorttext.

To create messages, simply paste your text in shorttext website and click “create URL” button, then you will get new URL with your text. This URL can be share with others and also used for tweeting inshorttext.