Tips for starting a blog and increasing your traffic

To become a blogger, first you select a topic on your blog and you just need to write on your topic. You write your topic in your own words, don’t copy from others, it will lose your blogging skill. Your contents should be good and unique. Update your blog regularly.

Knowing steps for starting a blog and increasing traffic

Content is the king

Contents is the most important part of a blog successful blogger. Write your topic sincerely don’t write fake details. Content must be simple and easy to understand your readers. Make your content search engine friendly.

Update regularly

Update your blog regularly, Users love sites that regularly update their content and respond by visiting more often. Once you lose a reader it is very difficult to get back.

Subscribe to RSS

Subscribing to really simple syndication (RSS) it ensure that readers can read your content through their email whenever there is a new post without having to visit your blog.

Link to other bloggers

If you found interesting content on any other blog, you can provide a link to it .These links improve your Google page rate. Having a Google page rate of 4 and above can also help to earn some bucks through selling links.


Use search-engine friendly keywords. Ensure that the tittles of the posts are search-engine friendly .Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important steps when developing your blog. An important step in search engine optimization is developing relevant keywords that draw traffic to your blog from search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alta-vista, etc.