Tips to grow in YouTube | increase watch hours and subscribers for new youtubers

Many new youtubers ask how to grow in YouTube. I suggest them some simple tricks to grow in YouTube. First you must follow these simple steps while publishing a video. This will help you to increase your watch hours and subscribers in YouTube.

  1. People search different kinds of topic in YouTube. You must know what kind of topics people search in YouTube. Content of your video should be what is searched frequently or mostly by the people so as to get more views in YouTube. In other words you must know what people want.

2 .You must identify a focus keyword of your content .People search these focus keyword in different ways. Title of the video should be included in the focus keyword.(for example if your  video content is Singapore, then your focus keyword should be Singapore as people usually search Singapore related topics such as Singapore tour package, Singapore Tourist Places,  Singapore Tour Budget, Singapore Tour Plan, Singapore Tour Guide etc ) . Apart from the focus key word, the most frequent word relating to the topic searched by people should be included in the “Title”. (for example – Cheapest Singapore Tour Package).

3. You should write a short description of the video in the description box .The description must include focus keyword 2 or 3 times. Also you must include various frequently searched words relating to the topic in the description box.

4.  You should add frequently used tags (key words) in tag box.

5. Thumbnail is the most important part of the video. Creating attractive thumbnail for videos is the key to have increased views. Its colour should be attractive and text should be readable. As most of the people watch videos on mobile phones, thumbnail of the video should fit to mobile phone screen. Thumbnail should not be congested and overcrowded.

6 . After “Title” and “Thumbnail”, the most important part is the retention of the video. Atleast 50% of retention should be attained. Viewers may click on an attractive thumbnail but if the content is not good, they will skip the video within few seconds. This reduces the retention. For eg, If your video is 5 minutes and the viewers watch for 2 to 3 minutes, your retention will be 50% and above. Then Youtube will show your video in “Suggestions”. So your content must retain the viewers from start to end.

7. Video and voice should be clear.

8 . Publish 2 or 3 videos per week.