Twitter Voice write tweet from your voice

Now a days most of them will use Twitter, but type your tweets each time is a difficult task. Twitter Voice is an Android app that will help you to write your tweets via your speech without use your keyboard.

You can simply install Twitter Voice in your phone after the installation speech your tweet and the “Twitter Voice” identify and publish it. It is very simple and easy to use anybody. You can tweet easily while you are in work or driving.

Record and post videos into twitter via is twitter app that will allow you to record video and post into as a tweet. It is very simple and easy to use anybody. No sign up is required for using this service you just authorize the twitter account. No additional software required for record video.

For record video login into then a red “record” button will appear click on record button recording will start. After complete the record press button again then the video will upload into You can post your video on twitter via simple mouse click. It allows only recording one minute video.

Tweet without type via Twitter Voice

Twitter Voice is a Android app that will help you to tweet without type. In other word write tweets without keyboard it writes word from your voice. The application converts your voice into text. These texts post into your twitter account.

To post tweet simply go to the application click “Record” button and speak after the process convert your voice into text then click “Send” button to publish your tweets.

Download Twitter Voice click here

Shorttext share your text with others

Shorttext is a free web service that will help you to share text messages to others. It is very simple and easy to use no sign up is required for using shorttext.

To create messages, simply paste your text in shorttext website and click “create URL” button, then you will get new URL with your text. This URL can be share with others and also used for tweeting inshorttext.