Snowball accesses favorite social apps in one place

Today people are using different social networking sites. It includes Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, SMS, Hangouts, Twitter, Line, WeChat, Slack, Telegram, Viber, and Skype. Snowball Android app that helps you to accesses favorite social apps in one place.

After the installation of Snowball you don’t need to check every social networking sites. Access all of your conversations from a single inbox. Snowball will appear when a message receive. You can also quickly reply the message via your favorite social apps.It support Android 4.3 and above.


Twitter Voice write tweet from your voice

Now a days most of them will use Twitter, but type your tweets each time is a difficult task. Twitter Voice is an Android app that will help you to write your tweets via your speech without use your keyboard.

You can simply install Twitter Voice in your phone after the installation speech your tweet and the “Twitter Voice” identify and publish it. It is very simple and easy to use anybody. You can tweet easily while you are in work or driving.

Record and post videos into twitter via is twitter app that will allow you to record video and post into as a tweet. It is very simple and easy to use anybody. No sign up is required for using this service you just authorize the twitter account. No additional software required for record video.

For record video login into then a red “record” button will appear click on record button recording will start. After complete the record press button again then the video will upload into You can post your video on twitter via simple mouse click. It allows only recording one minute video.

Grabinbox control and access of multiple social networking sites

Nowadays every person has maintained multiple social networking sites, to control and access these websites are difficult task. Grabinbox is a free web service that will allow you to manage social networking sites in one place. You can simply sign up in grabinbox. You can also login via you twitter or facebook account.

After your sign up you can connect your social networking accounts easily. You can view and access important features of social networking sites ie Facebook Wall, tweets etc. You can set Schedule messages on Twitter and Facebook.

Livego all social networking services in one place

Most of them have accounts in top social networking and mail services it is difficult to reach all the services. livego is a free web service that will allows you to login into top services. The service includes Facebook, Hotmail, Twitter, Yahoo, Gmail and AOL. You can login into these services very simply. You can login these services via your existing user name and password. No registration is required.

For login simply go to livego select your service and login it. You can login into mail service also. After login into your accounts you can add other service into livego.

Twileshare share files via twitter

Twileshare is a free twitter based service that will help you to share files to others. You can share images, PDF, excel and word files. Your followers can view the PDF, excel and word files in scribd viewer.

For using twileshare you must sent an invitation. You can upload PNG, JPG, GIF, DOC or PDF files and provide 1 GB storage space.

Send long tweets via utwitmore

Utwitmore is a twitter based service that will help you to make long tweets. You can login to utwitmore via your existing twitter user name and password.

To post tweets simply login to utwitmore and type your message in “post message” box and finally click “Post to Twitter” button then the tweet will post on your tweet page. Tweets will cut into small tweets and post it 140 word tweets. You can add URL to message and Upload image to twitpic also.

Screenshot of webpage and tweet it via tweeshot

If you want to take screenshot of any webpage, tweeshot is a free twitter based service that will help you to take screenshot of any webpage and tweet it. You can login tweeshot via your existing twitter username and password.

To create shot login to tweeshot, type your URL after sometime you will get screenshot. You can also add message to your tweets.

Post your draws in twitter via Twitdraw

Twitdraw is twitter based web tool that will allow you to post your drawing via twitter. You can sign up twitdraw via your existing twitter user name and password.

You can simple draw pictures in twitdraw via your mouse after your drawing you can easily post into your twitter account. You can draw pictures in different colours. You can also add comments to the images.

Send multimedia tweets via twimms

Twimms is a twitter based web services that will help you to send multimedia messages via twitter. It is very simple and easy to use anybody. You can send direct messages, video and image via twimms. You can sign up twimms via your existing twitter account.

After login your twimms account you can sent direct message to your twitter friends. Other option is send images you can upload images from your computer or URL.

Twimms is allows you to upload videos or embed videos in your tweets. You can also insert codes for tweets. You can preview your uploaded files in twimms. After preview your files simply click on tweet button then a URL will post in your twitter account.

Twextra tweet more than 140 characters with rich text capabilities

If you want to tweet more than 140 characters, twextra is a free service that will help you to sent large tweets. It is very simply interface and easy to use anybody. You can easily share your messages in twitter and linkedin.

To start your tweets simply go to twextra web site and type your message. It provides you rich text capabilities i.e. you can bold, colour, links, etc. in your text. You can also add images into your message. It provides all the important options like Microsoft word. After create your message select your social media i.e twitter or linkedin finally click “Post Message” button then the message will post in your twitter or linkedin page.

Split your long tweet into small tweets

Long-tweets is twitter based free web service that will help you to sent long tweet. You can login long-tweets via your existing twitter user name and password.

To start your long tweets simply type your tweet in long-tweets web site and finally click “Tweet” button then your tweet will post in your twitter account. Your long tweet is split into small tweets and posts it continuously.