Easily view and share files online via jumpshare

You can see lot of file sharing services, but jumpshare different from these file sharing services you can view your files in jumpshare. In other words you can view your documents and photos online. You can also play videos and audio in jumpshare. No sign up is required for using service.

You can simply Drag & Drop Files files into jumpshare after the Drag & Drop you can view your files on your browser. jumpshare will support most common files formats. When your upload in complete you will get a URL this used for share files to others. Total size of all files uploaded should not exceed 2GB.The maximum file size you can upload is 100MB.All files are kept for 14 days after which they are automatically deleted.

Record and post videos into twitter via frtr.me

Frtr.me is twitter app that will allow you to record video and post into as a tweet. It is very simple and easy to use anybody. No sign up is required for using this service you just authorize the twitter account. No additional software required for record video.

For record video login into frtr.me then a red “record” button will appear click on record button recording will start. After complete the record press button again then the video will upload into frtr.me. You can post your video on twitter via simple mouse click. It allows only recording one minute video.

Gazup simultaneously upload your files to multiple host

Sometime you need to share a file, most of them are using Rapidshare, Megaupload etc using for share files.If you want to share file in different service, Gazup will help you to upload one file simultaneously to 8 different networks including RapidShare, MegaUpload, FileFactory, zShare and many more.

You can simply upload your file to Gazup after uploading your file you will get the download links of the file in different services.

Picupine simple way to Share your Photos Online

    If you want to share photos with others, Picupine is a simple photo sharing web service that allows you to upload up to 20 pictures at a time. The website doesn’t need any registration and you can upload up to 5 MB per picture.

    In the home page of the site you can see a form Give your photo album a title and load up the album by browsing to images on your hard drive. Enter a description for each image and hit upload when you’re done. Once all of the images have been uploaded, you’ll receive a URL that you can share with others. The URL of your album exists 7 days After 7 days, your URL disappears and your images are deleted from the server.

    You can Upload and share up 20 images in one session. Picupine provides option edit (crop, rotate) your images, change descriptions, add title etc.

Speed.io test your upload and download bandwidth

If you want to check your bandwidth, Speed.io is a web-based speed-testing tool for measuring your upload and download bandwidth. It also checks connections and pings, making it for a very complete connection test. No sign up and download is required for testing bandwidth it check bandwidth within few mouse clicks.

Speed.io provides your IP address, and which browser you’re using.It’s a great tool, and it’s easy to use.