FoxFi share mobile phone internet into other devices

Sometimes you need to share mobile phone internet into other devices. FoxFi is an android app that will help to turn mobile phone into wifihotspot. It does not require the extra tether plan from your carrier. Also No rooting needed for your Android phone. You can share cell phone’s Internet connection with other devices through either WiFi Hotspot, Bluetooth or USB.

You can simply install this app on your mobile, No need to install anything on connecting devices. It supports connection from PS3, XBoxa and WII also Secured with WPA2. You can connect multiple devices at the same time.


Share your computer internet to phone via Reverse Tether

Reverse Tether is an android app that helps you to access your computer’s internet connection on your device via USB in other words you can share your computer’s internet connection to your mobile via USB. No PC side software installation is needed.

Reverse Tether
To access internet to your phone simply download this apps in your mobile after the installation simply connect into internet. Reverse Tether will provide you fast and secure internet connection for no additional charges. To disconnect, simply unplug USB. To connect again, plug back USB.

The main advantages of this service you don’t worry about mobile data plans, roaming and security of wifi. To get connection it may take few minutes.

Snappersoft USB Heal recovers hidden files and folders in USB and memory card

USB and memory card is important medium for spreading virus. Sometimes virus may infect your USB or memory card it may cause hide the files. Snappersoft USB Heal is simply tool that will help you to unhide or recover all files and folders hidden by virus. You can simply download it and it works on Windows XP, Vista and 7.

After the installation of the programme application will exists in system tray when you plug in USB or memory card in your computer it will automatically scan and recover hidden files and folder. This tool is helps you to repair damaged files.

Download Snappersoft USB Heal click here

Password protection to your pen drive via USB Safeguard

Most of them are keeping their data on pen driver it is not secure anybody can view your documents. If you want to encrypt files on your flash drive in case you lose it, USB Safeguard is free software that will help you to create password protection to your pen drive.

You don’t need to install the software. Download, copy in your USB pen drive and run it. You must create a password for your pen drive when you plug in pen drive the program will ask you to enter the password. Only the people having the correct password will be able to access the files.

Every time you must remember your password, if you forget it there is no option for retrieving lost or forgotten passwords. It will run on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. The licence key is valid for only one USB pen drive. If you have another (or purchased a new) USB pen drive, you can get a new license key for each USB pen drive.

USB Sim Card Reader

USB Sim Card Reader enables you to back-up all the info on your SIM card to your PC, ensuring that you always have a synchronized copy of all your contacts. The software allows you to add and edit all your contacts, manage your passwords, edit your pin, archive any special text messages you want to keep and sort all your records. Any changes you make either on your phone, or on your PC address book, will automatically be updated the next time you pop the USB SIM Card Reader (loaded with your SIM obviously) into your USB port. Whatever happens to your phone or SIM, you can now rest secure in the knowledge that your contacts are safe.

Please note: 3G mobile phones are not supported by this product.