Unglue parents to control the child’s time on connected devices

Childrens had wasted their time with connected devices, parent’s doesn’t have control with these devices. unGlue help the parents to control the child’s time on connected devices. Parents can set internet schedules for each child and within those schedules they can limit the video, social media, and games time consumed by children each day.The service works across devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers, smart TVs, and other internet-connected devices. It also works whether on the home’s network or not.

To start using unGlue, simply download the unGlue app to your smartphone. The app will guide you in setting up your kids’ mobile devices. If you want to connect other home devices, the app will guide you through installing the unGlue Home Monitor onto a single desktop computer in your home. unGlue works for most Smart TVs which are connected to the internet.

unGlue allows to control children’s friends time add him as a guest, which are detected as soon as they join you WiFi network. You can set limits on these devices as well.


View updates from your entire social networks one place

Most of them keep up more than social networks. Login to all these social networking sites is a difficult task. Yoono webapp is a chrome extension that will allow you to connect all important social networking sites easily. You can update your status and share links, images and video from the page you’re viewing across all your networks simultaneously.

You can easily install Yoono webapp into your browser. It support for multiple accounts set up for Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and more. You can simply add Yoono webapp on your browser. After install this extension you can login to your social network sites.

Record and post videos into twitter via frtr.me

Frtr.me is twitter app that will allow you to record video and post into as a tweet. It is very simple and easy to use anybody. No sign up is required for using this service you just authorize the twitter account. No additional software required for record video.

For record video login into frtr.me then a red “record” button will appear click on record button recording will start. After complete the record press button again then the video will upload into frtr.me. You can post your video on twitter via simple mouse click. It allows only recording one minute video.

Findthatfile search engine for files

Findthatfile is a search engine for files. It will search all types of files i.e. Audio, Video, Bittorrent, installable Software, documents etc. It is very simple and easy to use anybody. It doesn’t require any sign up.

To search files, simply type your keyword in findthatfile website the result will get. You can also sort the result in different ways i.e. files size, rating, date etc.