Cache Killer clean browser cache before page load

Cache Killer is chrome extension that helps you to clean browser cache before every page load. You can easily disable and enable this extension.

You can simply install Cache Killer on your Chrome browser after the installation a button will appear on Chrome browser. You can enable and disabled Cache Killer with a single mouse click. This extension is very useful for web developers.
Cache Killer

Font changer change font of the any webpage into your desired font

Some website’s font is not good for reading, if you want to change font of any webpage,
Font changer is a Google Chrome extension. You can change any websites font into your desired font. Here you can select more 500 types of fonts. You can change webpage’s fonts via simply mouse clicks.

You can simply install Font changer on your browser after the installation you can set font, font style, weight and its size. This is a good extension for web developers they can test different fonts.

Font changer