Font changer change font of the any webpage into your desired font

Some website’s font is not good for reading, if you want to change font of any webpage,
Font changer is a Google Chrome extension. You can change any websites font into your desired font. Here you can select more 500 types of fonts. You can change webpage’s fonts via simply mouse clicks.

You can simply install Font changer on your browser after the installation you can set font, font style, weight and its size. This is a good extension for web developers they can test different fonts.

Font changer

Create snippet from webpage via Pluck

Sometime you may get interesting article on webpage for sharing this article you must save the entire webpage. Pluck is chrome extension that will help you to select particular part of webpage and share it.

You can simply install Pluck on your chrome browser after the installation you can create snippet of web contents. For create snippet simply select part of webpage via mouse and click “Pluck” button then you will get unique URL of the snippet. You can also share via facebook and twitter also. Some websites you cannot Pluck.

Sothink Flash Downloader downloads Flash SWF from webpage

Sothink Flash Downloader is a Chrome extension that will help you to save Flash SWF into your computer. It is simple extension and works with Chrome 15 plus. You can save Flash movie, game, banner, cartoon and etc.

You can simply download and install into your browser after the installation you will get button at the right corner of your Chrome. Open any page with Flash SWF. Flash Downloader for Chrome will catch all the SWFs on the current page automatically. Click product button, all the SWFs are shown in the list.

Sothink Flash Downloader click here

Create polls on your webpage via pollmo

If you want to create polls on your website or blog, pollmo is a free web service that will help you to create polls on your web page. It is very simple and easy to use anybody. It doesn’t require any sign up or download.

To create polls simply go to pollmo website a type you question and answers, select your skin and finally click on “Add to my website” button then you will code this code will be embed on your webpage.

Draw or type text on webpage and capture image via screen draw

If you want to draw or type text on webpage and take screenshot, Screen draw is a Firefox add-on that will help you to draw and type text on webpage .After your draw or type you can save that image in png or jpeg format.

This adds on help you to annotation mark or add text on webpage. You can simply add this add-on your browser after the installation you can seen Draw icon bottom part of the webpage click on that icon you can start your painting.

Download this add-on add click here

Download anything from a webpage via file2hd

Sometimes you need to download videos, audios or images form web page but you cannot find the exact URL of the files. File2hd is free web tool that will help you to download anything form a web page. No limit for downloading files.

You can set filter to a file type you want to download. You can download videos, audios, images, applications, style sheets etc. To download files, simply paste URL of the web page in file2hd web page selects your filter and click “Get Files” button then the URL of files will come soon and you can download files simply.

printwhatyoulike print your edited webpage easily

If you want to print a web page, it contain lots of unnecessary items i.e. pictures, ads etc. This makes more consumption of ink and papers. printwhatyoulike is a simple application. It makes any webpage Printer Friendly. Print What You Like lets you Change page font size and type, remove the background, and remove images. It also allows you to edit any part of the page by clicking a page element or selecting text.

To use, enter the url of a page you wish to print, edit the page until it contains only what you want to print, and print it. Only your modified page will be printed.