Livego all social networking services in one place

Most of them have accounts in top social networking and mail services it is difficult to reach all the services. livego is a free web service that will allows you to login into top services. The service includes Facebook, Hotmail, Twitter, Yahoo, Gmail and AOL. You can login into these services very simply. You can login these services via your existing user name and password. No registration is required.

For login simply go to livego select your service and login it. You can login into mail service also. After login into your accounts you can add other service into livego.

Search multiple search engines via letzfind

Sometimes you may search topic in different search engines. If you want to search different search engine at a same time, letzfind is a web service that will allows you to search top search engines via simple mouse clicks. The search engines include Google, Bing, ask, Yahoo etc.
It helps you to search in categories searching it means you can search blog, books, download, jobs etc. To start your search simply type your keyword in letzfind website and click “Search” button then result will appear. Top part of the web page you can see different search engine’s buttons simply click on button the result of the search will appear.

Chatab Chat different IMs and Social Networks without installing

If you want to chat with your friends daily your friends are using different type of IM services it is very difficult to chat on all IMs and Social Networks. Chatab is a free web services that will help you to chat with your friends via different IM. It supports many IM networks and social networks such as Facebook, MSN, Yahoo, GTalk, Gadu-Gadu, Myspace, AIM etc. It is very simple and easy to use. No download is required it will work on your web browser.

You can login to Chatab via existing login name and password of your IM. Chatab allows you to register and create your own account.

Sputtik search topic in different search engines via few mouse clicks

If you want to search same topic in different search engine, sputtik is a free web search engine that will help you to search in different search engine via few mouse clicks. You can also search topic in different categories i.e. images, video, movies, torrent download etc.

To search topic simply go to sputtik type your keyword and enter here you can select which search engine you want. Sputtik provide you top search engines it includes Google, Yahoo, Bing, Cuil, AltaVista, Ask etc. It provide a suggestion link here you can send your search engine URL to sputtik.

Answer.Im automatic answering service for instant Messenger

How to set automatic answering in IM account .Answer.Im is a free web based service that helps you to setup your online status and automatic answer text even when you turn your PC off.

To get start automatic answering log to Answer.Im through your IM account setup your online status after setting your status type your response message and save it. When you’re actually online on your IM Messenger your auto answering account will be taken offline immediately.

Answer.Im currently supports Msn, Gtalk, AIM, Yahoo and ICQ.

Soovle offer search in 7 search engines

If you are search in one topic sometimes Google or yahoo is not enought for search. Soovle make search made easier by searching seven different sites simultaneously. This site includes Google, Yahoo!, Wikipedia,,, YouTube, and Amazon. Soovle will begin to offer suggestions for related terms that may help you refine your search.

The site automatically searches Wikipedia, Google, Amazon, Yahoo!,, YouTube, and when you start typing a term in the search box. Once you start typing the site offers suggestions from all seven sites on what you might possibly looking for.

If you want to change the search engine, just click the icon below the search bar and when you click Soovle, you’ll get your search results from Google,Yahoo!, Wikipedia, or whichever service you selected.

Yahoo’s new Site Explorer launched

Yahoo! Site Explorer is a tool that lets you access the information we have about a site’s online presence. You can see which sites and subpages are indexed by Yahoo! Search, track sites that link into webpage, and view the most popular pages from any site.

New Site Explorer that provides a more dynamic interface to accommodate future feature roll-outs. The new interface also includes a new Site Summary page to provide statistics for authenticated sites. On top of this, were also increasing the number of rules for Dynamic URL rewriting that you can enter from 3 to 10.

In addition, the left side navigation now features links to other Yahoo tools which webmasters can use including Yahoo’s Web Service API and links to the Yahoo Search Blog, Yahoo Badge, Email preferences and Feedback links.

Yahoo’s Fire Eagle

Yahoo’s Fire Eagle, a tool that provides an interface for updating, managing ,storing information about locations and offers developers clear protocols for updating or accessing that information. The tool can also automatically add the data to geo-aware Web, mobile or desktop applications.

Fire Eagle allows users to authorize automatic updates of their location, or to do it manually. They can also opt to hide their location, change preferences for sharing their location or delete any stored personal information.

Since its private beta launch in March of this year, Fire Eagle has been integrated into over fifty live applications, including Dopplr, Pownce, Movable Type, and, through the platform’s well-received API.

You can access fire Eagle through your yahoo account

Yahoo has introduced the and

Have you tried to create a new email id on Yahoo recently? How often have you gotten frustrated while getting yourself registered on a popular web portal just because every username that input, already seems to exist in the database? Well, in its process to combat similar issues, Yahoo has introduced the email domain and reintroduced

The move of letting users sign up with the and domains is aimed at attracting new users because it will help people find a better e-mail address.

Launching and reintroducing, this gives Yahoo Mail users a more vivid choice to get a mail id of their favorite names and now with a more stylish name such as Ymail

Launching Ymail and relaunching Rocketmail will make sure that Yahoo might still continue to dominate the e-mail market at least for some more time now. As a part of mail features, Ymail will have the same features as that of Yahoo Mail, including unlimited storage, instant messaging integration and virus protection.