Download youtube videos easily via 3outube

3outube is a free web service that helps you to download youtube videos easily. It is very simple and easy. No download and sign up is required for using 3outube.

To download youtube videos go to 3outube website, simply paste your URL and click “Download” button then you can download youtube videos as a FLA format.

You can also use another trick to download youtube videos you just remove the letter ‘Y’ in the URL of and add 3 in the place of ‘Y’ .3outube will give you download link here you can download videos in FLV and MP4 formats.

Clipgenerator create personal music video clips with your images

Clipgenerator is a free web tool that will help you to create music video clips it containing your images. It is very simple and easy to use anybody. No registration and sign up is required for using Clipgenerator. Clipgenerator contain three steps to create clips choose music, personalize and create clip.

To get start, first select your music them the site provides lots of ready to use themes (pop,rockElectronic, Folk etc).the image can be add from your computer or directly import form Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket or Smugmug account. Once you create your clip you can select your desire format for downloading clips (Windows Media Player, Quick time player, MPEG) you will get a download link via email.clipgenerator provide another option to publish it on YouTube, Photobucket or simply forward to others.

Clipgenerator currently support jpg, png and Gif format the maximum size of the image is 20MB.

Gifsoup convert youtube videos into animated gif

Gifsoup is a free online service that will help you to create animated gif from youtube videos. It is very simply and easy to use Just Enter the YouTube URL and click “create” button. The preview of the video will appear. You can arrange starting time and ending time of gif. Gifsoup allow only 10 second limit on time length. After creation of your gif you can download these gif are in different size. No registration is required for using gifsoup.

Youtube allow HD watch videos in high quality

YouTube has started offering high-definition videos.The new HD feature only applies to those videos that have been uploaded in HD obviously.

If you want to watch a video in HD you can see a link in bottom right of the video watch in HD.

The high-definition videos only run from the YouTube page. If you embed one into your own web page, you get a lower quality video.

Youtube video search bar on embedded YouTube videos

YouTube add new features to embedded YouTube videos that you embed elsewhere will feature a new search bar right on top of the embedded player.

This new search bar will allow any visitor of a website containing the embedded video to type a search term or phrase and see the results with YouTube videos matching the request. when you click any video in the search results, it will begin playing right there in the very same player.

You can also customize YouTube videos for your website or blog in a variety of manner by modifying its dimensions and adding different color borders more details click here