Freeviewer open different file formats in one place

Different types of files formats available in computer world to open and access these files required particular software. To install different types software in one PC is a difficult task. Freeviewer is free software that will help you to open common files formats. It allows you to open documents files, zip files, multimedia files etc.

You can easily install freeviewer on your computer after the installation you can open your files in freeviewer.It allow you to convert some type of formats into another one. It helps you to extract files from Zip or RAR files. Freeviewer helps you to edit some type of documents it doesn’t provide advanced editing. It will support windows XP and above operating systems.

Convert PDF files into images via Pdf2jpg

Pdf2jpg is a free web service that will help you convert PDF files into JPG images. It is very simple and easy to use anybody. It doesn’t require any sign up or download.PDF size is limited to 10MB.

TO convert files simply upload your PDF files into Pdf2jpg website and provide your email id after the process they will send you the converted JPG images as a zip files. Zip files are removed after a few hours. This service is free of charge but they will request you donation to pay for the server costs.

Filetac four services in one website i.e. wap upload, files upload, image upload and zip files

Filetac is a free web tool that will help you to transfer via internet. Filetac provides four types of uploads i.e. wap upload, files upload, image upload and zip files. No sign up and no download is required for using it.

Wap service upload help you sent files to your phone. You can simply upload your files into Filetac and when you upload you will get a code. You got and enter your code then you can download files into your computer.

Filetac help you to send files via email recipient will get a URL and they can download it.
You can files upto allow to upload image when you upload a image you will get URL this can be used to your blogs or websites.

Filetac help you to compress your files into zip you can upload 30 files each files size is 10 MB. After uploading your files click “compress” button then you will get download link.

Imgxc upload images add tags and deletion code to the images

Imgxc is a free web service that will allows you to upload and share photos with others. No sign up is required for using imgxc. It allows you to easily share your image on Facebook, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Delicious, SlashDot, and Furl. No limits on the number of images you can upload.

You can simply upload file into imgxc .you can add tags to the images when you upload a image. You can also add deletion code if you want to delete image you must enter deletion code. You can upload zip files of the album. After uploading your image you will get direct link, HTML and IMG Code.

You can upload only files upto 2MB.Imgxc currently support JPEG/JPG, GIF, PNG. And ZIP files that contain only those image files. Images will be stored in Imgxc for a maximum of 12 months after 12 months. It will automatically be removed from their server.