TweakNow HD-Analyzer find out big files and folders from hard drive

Sometimes your computer’s hard disk is full you can’t store important documents into hard drive. You want to find out big files and folders and store that data into another place. It is a difficult task to find out big files and folders. TweakNow HD-Analyzer is application that will help you to find out big files and folders.

You can simply install TweakNow HD-Analyzer on your computer after the installation you can scan your drive find big files. To start your scan simply select the drive and click on “Scan Drive” button then start the scan. The scanning process may take few minutes.

The program also provides list of common files found during the analyzing process. The files grouped based on its type and sorted by its size. This list will help you to spot which files are big. TweakNow HD-Analyzer support Windows 8,7,Vista and XP OS.

TweakNow HD-Analyzer

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