Wi-Fi Matic – Auto WiFi On Off automatically turn on and off wifi certain places

When you turn on Wifi in your mobile it will consume more battery then you need to turn off Wifi soon. Wi-Fi Matic – Auto WiFi On Off is Android app that will automatically turn on and off wifi depending on your phone’s location. It doesn’t use GPS or Android network location services.

You can simply install Wi-Fi Matic on your mobile after the installation it detects automatically the location of known Wi-Fi networks , turns on Wi-Fi when you arrive a place where there is Wi-Fi, and turns it off when you leave that place.

After some training the app should learn all your commonly used Wi-Fi access points, allow your device to use Wi-Fi in the usual places and keep Wi-Fi off where it is not needed. It works with Android 4.3 or 4.4.

Wi-Fi Matic

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