Wifiprotector protection from unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots

Now people are using wifi network for connecting internet but it is dangerous. Wifi network is not secure because it may encrypt your data by others. Wifiprotector is software that provides protection from unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots. It gives Intrusion detection, Wi-Fi security settings scans and VPN protection.

Actually it work on background of the system it will not effect your work. It provides you protection against viruses, rootkits, trojans and all types of malware. Wifi Protector continuously monitors your Wi-Fi and cabled network for attempted hacking . Wifi Protector can even identify attacks that use ‘spoofing’ so that they appear to come from a trusted device. You will immediately be notified when a new device connects to your network and if the device is detected as being an attempted hack or intrusion you will alerted.

Wifi Protector is available in two versions.Basic version and Full version basic version is completely free and is supported by advertising and full version requires a monthly subscription and offers choice of Country for your VPN, faster browsing and no ad interruptions.


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