Yahoo has introduced the Ymail.com and RocketMail.com.

Have you tried to create a new email id on Yahoo recently? How often have you gotten frustrated while getting yourself registered on a popular web portal just because every username that input, already seems to exist in the database? Well, in its process to combat similar issues, Yahoo has introduced the Ymail.com email domain and reintroduced RocketMail.com.

The move of letting users sign up with the ymail.com and rocketmail.com domains is aimed at attracting new users because it will help people find a better e-mail address.

Launching ymail.com and reintroducing Rocketmail.com, this gives Yahoo Mail users a more vivid choice to get a mail id of their favorite names and now with a more stylish name such as Ymail

Launching Ymail and relaunching Rocketmail will make sure that Yahoo might still continue to dominate the e-mail market at least for some more time now. As a part of mail features, Ymail will have the same features as that of Yahoo Mail, including unlimited storage, instant messaging integration and virus protection.

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