Yahoo Zimbra Desktop beta offline email

Yahoo announced the latest version of Yahoo Zimbra Desktop Beta.The program allows users to access to a simple, centralized place to manage work, school and personal e-mail even when they are not connected to the Internet. Users can access Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail and Gmail even when they are offline.

Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop also includes a number of features designed to help users stay organised, such as document creation, spreadsheets, task management and document storage, giving users a robust alternative to other desktop applications.

Zimbra Documents, a document and spreadsheet program, which gives users the ability to embed complex objects such as photos into documents and spreadsheets. With the addition of Zimbra Documents, Zimbra Desktop users can easily create and edit documents and simple spreadsheets without having to switch between desktop programs or e-mail large attachments.

Zimbra Briefcase, which allows users to upload, store, and conveniently access any files including spreadsheets, documents, presentations and others. Instead of keeping all attachments in e-mail you can simply store them in the same place with Zimbra Briefcase, and access them from anywhere, online or offline.

Downloading Yahoo Zimbra Desktop Beta click here

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