Zapproved a tool for quick decision making via email

Decision making is an important part of a office Zapproved is a Web-based tool for managing the decision system. To create a proposal, click the Create Proposal button. This opens a form in which you specify the approver(s) by entering email addresses, write a message about the proposal, and attach any pertinent electronic files.

Account holders create proposals, enter email addresses to send requests for approvals and manage open and closed proposals in an interface that looks like email itself. Recipients get HTML emails with simple buttons to click to say “approve,” or “deny.” It’s quite simple.

During the approval process, everyone involved can monitor who has read the email and how each person has responded. As the due date approaches, Zapproved sends reminders to everyone to keep the decision on track. After the group has made a decision, the approval process record is archived at Zapproved for future reference. These records can be sorted by date, recipient and project to make them easy to locate.

To check the status of your proposal, log in at to go to the Message Center. Click the proposal you want to view. The New Proposal page displays, showing the current status of proposal, as well as who has approved, denied, viewed and commented, and when they did so. All pertinent information is conveniently accessible on this single page.

Zapproved is $12 per month per user, with discounts available for larger groups. However, only users that wish to send out proposals need to be registered with the site – recipients don’t have to create an account or pay any fees.

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